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Do you know Scania's dump truck at 2012 Shanghai Bauma Exhibition?

Published by daisy September 25,2023

         In our impression, Scania usually brings its tractor and chassis products to the exhibition in China. After all, these two products account for the majority of the products sold in China.What many people don't know is that Scania showed a mine dump truck at the Shanghai Bauma exhibition in 2012.
 scania truck
         Strictly speaking, The 2012 Shanghai Bauma Exhibition is also the first appearance of Scania with DC13 engine, and the first appearance of P series engineering models in China.As an engineering version specially launched by Scania, the P410 mine dump truck is obviously different from the logistics vehicle in appearance: black face mask, high bumper, and more wild intake grille design.Since XT series was not launched at that time, Scania engineering vehicles at that time had two cab options, P series and G series respectively.
        In terms of appearance, there is a special illumination lamp beside the engineering P series headlamps.Given the need for more lighting on the site, it's not good to have a bump in the dark.Beneath the words SCANIA, the front intake grille, is a protrudent handle for the driver to grip while scrubing the vehicle.
 front intake grille
            The center of the bumper is covered with an anti-skid material to prevent the driver from slipping due to the mud on the shoes.
the shoe
        This P410 mine dump truck has a P-series daytime cab. Although it is a dump truck, the two lights on the sunshade have been reserved.Like the pump chassis, the rearview mirror adopts a simpler shape to reduce costs and facilitate replacement and maintenance.
       Scania's high position air filters are commonly found on engineering vehicles. After all, there is too much dust on the construction site and the occasional waders make it a bit inappropriate for tractors to place the air filters under the copy-driver's feet.The vehicle tires are larger in size than a typical dump truck, and the 12.00 R24 steel wire tires allow for a higher ground clearance.The protection under the bumper is also in place.
The front pedal extends an extra step to facilitate getting on and off the vehicle.
 high position air filters
         As mentioned earlier, the engine is a Scania DC13 12.7 litre inline six-cylinder diesel engine with a maximum output power of 410 HP and a maximum torque of 2000 NM.Such engineering vehicles do coolies in the mine all the year round, the quality of oil products cannot be guaranteed, so the emission standard is only Euro 3.

       The gearbox is scania's own GRSO925R 12 speed semi-automatic gearbox with overspeed and hydraulic retarder, plus a heavy duty oil cooler.Scania wheel side deceleration bridge has a single load carrying capacity of 16 tons for the rear drive axle. The whole vehicle is suspended by parabolic steel plates.
         The balance bar is not the usual tractor style. It is placed very high to avoid scratching the stone.The exhaust gas treatment tank is protected on the outside.
Vertical exhaust pipes are commonly used in construction vehicles, and there are spare pipes in the rear of the cab.

         The carriages are made of Hunda steel, which is very expensive and very strong.
The weight of the car alone reaches 5.1 tons, 6.7x2.5x x2 meters, and the volume is 32 cubic meters.

        The car is still a typical Scania Nordic minimalist style.When you open the door, the clutch pedal on the left side of the steering column must give you the impression that it is a manual transmission, but in fact, it is used only for starting and stopping.Compared with the tractor sold in China, the space of daytime cab is very tight and narrow. In addition, this is a P-series cab, and the central engine bulge still occupies a certain space.
       The dashboard is indistinguishable from a normal Scania traction vehicle.There is no gear bar beside the driver seat, as it is hand - to - body. Scania's arms are as good as ever.
         However, the P410 tipper was only shipped to Mongolia after its appearance at the Bauma Exhibition that year. There are few domestic buyers for such imported tipper. Renault, Volvo and Mercedes have promoted it in China before, but the final transaction volume is really very small.